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East Side Costa Mesa

East Side Costa Mesa Neighborhood

When you think of an up and coming vibrant area to live or own a property, East Side Costa Mesa remains one of the neighborhoods that make it to the top of the list. East Side Costa Mesa is right in Orange County and offers an urban feel no one would cheerfully reject. With a number of bars, coffee shops, schools, restaurants and many more, this neighborhood remains a definition of a vibrant area.

Foodies who desire Instagram-worthy cuisines are sure to find several spots to enjoy luscious meals. In fact, it’s right to say that East Side Costa Mesa has health-conscious meals restaurants embedded in its DNA. For sports enthusiasts, there are many bike shops, yoga studios and other exercise studios that have been well-equipped to give an amazing exercise experience.

There are about 14 schools in this area, 1 middle school, 4 elementary schools, 6 private and charter schools and 3 high schools. These are not just the dream of virtually every homebuyer, but what any family needs to ensure their kids grow academically.

With a number of homes for sale, you can find your dream home in this picturesque and vibrant neighborhood. California flaunts excellent views and amenities, and East Side Costa Mesa is an up and coming vibrant neighborhood for any potential homebuyer.

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East Side Costa Mesa Map